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At London Lintels, we are proud to be the largest single-site stockist of XtraFire™ in the UK.

There are 5 sections within the XtraFire lintel range to choose from all available from stock:

Naylor XtraFire XFR9 100x215mm section fire rated lintels
Naylor XtraFire XFR8 140x215mm section fire rated lintels
Naylor XtraFire XFS5 140x140mm section fire rated lintels
Naylor XtraFire XFS8 215x215mm section fire rated lintels
Naylor XtraFire XFR6 100x140mm section fire rated lintels

Naylor XtraFire XFS4 100x100mm section fire rated lintels – COMING SOON 2024.


Why Do We Recommend XtraFire™ Lintels?

Naylor XtraFire lintels™ are known as being one of the best fire-safe building materials available. The impressive rating of up to R240 minutes for XFR9 lintels and up to R180 minutes for XFR6 lintels makes them ideal for large buildings and more complex structures. This means they are suitable for use in a range of settings including residential apartments, care settings, shopping centres and commercial spaces to name just a few. The fire-safety element has been achieved thanks to the intelligent design which uses a steel mould which results in pencil round edges which provides little option for air to flow through the design. This means that fire is unable to penetrate the materials quickly.

These lintels have been independently fire-tested at Warrington Fire, are suitable for cutting on-site, boast an ex-steel finish, and are weather-resistant. Finally, they are designed with cement replacement technology, which offers sustainable support for overall building processes.

In our view, Naylor Xtrafire lintels are the best and superior to many on the market, which is why we have made it our mission to stock the full range.


What XtraFire™ Products Are Available From London Lintel?

As the premier Distributor, we offer Naylor XtraFire™ lintels ideal for a selection of building needs. In fact, we have more than 51 products available so that the perfect construction solution can be sourced! Some of our best sellers are the XFR6, XFR8, XFR9, XFS5 and the XFS8.

To make sourcing the right product simple, we clearly label the dimensions along with associated level of fire rating via all of our web listings.

What Are The BeneFits Of Choosing London Lintels?

As the largest single-site stocking of Naylor XtraFire™ lintels, we offer the widest choice and quickest delivery in the industry.

Alongside our extensive range and knowledgeable support from our team of experts, we also offer next-day delivery, which is free, dependent on value. As a proud independent distributor, we are not bound by lengthy supply chain times, we stock what the customer requires from our approved manufacturing partners.

London Lintels – Support when you need it. We Promise – You order, we stock, we deliver, on time, every time!

If you want to source Naylor XtraFire™ lintels with ease, explore our collection now.

XtraFire Spec Range

XtraFire is a single-cast lintel which has been independently tested for fire resistance and load-bearing capacity by Warrington Fire and Lucideon.

Padstone Range

A full range of Padstones available with a strength that is a minimum of 50N/mm2 and are suitable to take special fixing or any other situations.

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