Naylor Xtrafire lintels

XtraFire is a single-cast lintel which has been independently tested for fire resistance by Exova Warrington Fire and for load bearing capacity by Lucideon.

London Lintels are the UK’s largest stockist of Naylor concrete lintels and the only stockist of XtraFire!

There are 5 sections within the XtraFire lintel range to choose from all available from stock:

Naylor XtraFire XFR9 100x215mm section fire rated lintels
Naylor XtraFire XFR8 140x215mm section fire rated lintels
Naylor XtraFire XFS5 140x140mm section fire rated lintels
Naylor XtraFire XFS8 215x215mm section fire rated lintels
Naylor XtraFire XFR6 100x140mm section fire rated lintels

XtraFire Lintels

XtraFire is a single-cast lintel which has been independently tested for fire resistance and load-bearing capacity by Warrington Fire and Lucideon.

Fire Rating

They are fire rated up to R240 minutes for load-bearing and are available in five sections in widths of 100mm, 140mm and 215mm. Please get in touch with Naylor Technical for more information on other fire criteria.


XtraFire lintels have an ex-steel mould finish similar to the Fairfaced product made from specialist wet cast concrete.  Having pencil round edges but with a possibility of small air holes on the lintel surface. 

XtraFire concrete lintels range are cuttable onsite!

Did you know that Naylor XtraFire Lintels are fully cuttable on site without impacting their structural load bearing capacity, durability or fire resistance.

This is not the case with a precast lintel. If a precast lintel is cut there is the risk of losing some the shear reinforcement, negatively impacting load bearing capacity. Also, any loss or reduction in cover to the reinforcement affects the durability and fire resistance of the precast lintel as there is a risk of the reinforcement being left exposed. 

Application and uses:

Applications include a wide range of commercial and domestic buildings.  Naylor fire rated lintels are suitable for use in any residential and commercial application where lintels are required to protect the structural integrity of the building and enable the sage evacuation of its occupants.

Typical application of XtraFire lintels include:

  • Residential apartment blocks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Shopping centres
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Leisure and sports stadia
  • Airports


Key Features

  • Independently fire tested by Exova Warrington Fire testing facility
  • Solid concrete 1 part unit – no need for additional coatings 
  • Smooth ex steel mould finish
  • Shorter lead times
  • Durable product for stocking and storage
  • Can be cut on site.  Unlike other methods of manufacture
  • Can be fixed into on site (liaise with Naylor Technical Department)
  • Can be used in aggressive environments
  • Can be exposed to cyclic wetting/drying
  • Cement replacement technology is used which requires less than 20% of the energy and produces less than 10% of the CO2 emissions compared to Portland cement production.


Product certification

BS EN 1992-1-2: 2004 – Classification of fires

BS EN 845: Part 2: 2013 + A1: 2016 – Specification for ancillary components

BS EN 206: 2013 + A2: 2021 – Concrete specification performance production and conformity

BS 8500 -1: 2015 – Complimentary BS to BS EN 206

Prestressed wire complies with BS 5896: 2012 – High tensile steel wire and strand for the prestressing of concrete.

The design of Naylor Prestressed Lintels complies with BS8110:part 1: 1997: Section 4.

Naylor Lintels conform to BSEN845 part 2: 2013.

Materials used in the manufacture of Naylor Prestressed Lintels comply with BSEN206:2013 and BS8500-1:2015. The prestressing wire complies with BS5896:2012.

Naylor Lintels have a low water absorption and as a result of the quality-controlled hi-spec dense concrete mix used in their manufacture, they can be used underground providing that the ends of the units are encased in a minimum of 45mm of mortar to the ends of the reinforcing strands.

All Naylor Lintels are wet cast and have a concrete strength of 50 kN/mm2. They are suitable to accept fixings providing that the tendons contained inside the unit remain undamaged.

All fire rated lintels produced by Naylor Lintels comply with BS8110: table 4.3: section 2: 1985.

All L-Strip’s are manufactured from steel complying with BS EN10025 with a minimum yield stressed of 275 N/mm2. Zinc coating is galvanised to BS2929z2. Stainless Steel L-Strip’s are also produced conforming to grade 304:S15:BS1449: Part 2.

Implementation of the amendments to part E and L of the Building Regulations came into force in 2002. Amongst the new measures it is required that the thermal bridging and fabric insulation be improved (part L) and the resistance to sound reverberation, especially at low frequencies, (Part E) be increased.

Compliance with the new regulations can easily be achieved using our range of lintels.

Lintels can be manufactured to lengths up to 4800mm dependant upon the section size. Lintels can also be cast with inserts and channels. Please speak to our technical department for assistance.

Ultra Fire Spec Range

A range of lintels with an enhanced fire resistance. Due to the special coating applied all sections can achieve 240 minute load bearing capability when subject to fire conditions. These lintels have a slightly different texture to concrete but are smooth.

Padstone Range

A full range of Padstones available with a strength that is a minimum of 50N/mm2 and are suitable to take special fixing or any other situations.

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